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June 2023

Compliance in Web3, DeFi, and DeSci, hosted by Persona

First guest speaker in the Persona spotlight series; spoke on all things compliance in the Web3 and DeFi fields, as well as the burgeoning field of DeSci; watch here: 

Compliance in Web3, DeFi and DeSci with Christina Rea (

May 2023

“Sponsor Banks & Banking as a Service: The Importance of Choosing the Right Tech Vendors”, Blog Post for Persona, May 30, 2023.

Sponsor Banks & Banking as a Service (BaaS) 101 | Persona (

May 2023

5 Evolving Fraud Trends in the Banking Industry, hosted by Unit21

Guest speaker for a Unit21 webinar on detecting and preventing fraud for fintech companies; watch here:

5 Evolving Fraud Trends in the Banking Industry & How to Prevent Them (

February 2023

“Compliance Officer Resources: 5 Underground Channels to Explore”, Blog Post for Unit21, February 10, 2023. Compliance Officer Resources: 5 Underground Channels to Explore - Blog | Unit21

June 2022

Women in Compliance: The Fintech Edition, hosted by Clausematch

One of six panelists in a 60-minute session discussing women’s contributions to the world of compliance in the fintech industry; watch here: Women in Compliance The FinTech Edition (

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