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Law Office of Ross Delton

"Having hired Christina Rea on three different consulting projects, I can personally attest that she is the consummate BSA/AML professional: Always prepared, always knowledgeable, and, best of all, with a wide-ranging expertise in all things BSA/AML-related. Plus, she's a crypto expert, having experience with a number of fintech startups and established players. Did I mention that clients love her, and often hire her for additional compliance work after our project has been completed? In short, Christina is my first, second, and third choice for any compliance project in our field."

Ross Delton, Attorney + Expert Witness


Bull Blockchain Law, LLC

"Our firm hired Christina as an AML expert in a cryptocurrency exchange dispute. In an industry where so many stretch the term “expert” beyond its boundaries, Christina is extremely knowledgeable, detailed, and professional on the federal and state regulations applicable to crypto exchanges, and her polished testimony proved instrumental in proving our case. Christina also served as a consultant for several of our money transmission clients who require an efficient and practical compliance officer when obtaining and maintaining money transmitter licenses in various states."

Tyler Harttraft, Partner


Black Ice AI

"Christina is a phenomenal Risk and Compliance SME, who excels at creating, optimizing and automating AML/KYC and case investigation processes. I have been most amazed with her ability to adapt to new client requirements, understand business pain and provide effective solutions. Christina is a dedicated, passionate and diligent professional with unquestionable integrity and work ethic."

Elisar Nurmagambet, Cofounder



"I had the privilege of working closely with Christina, a seasoned compliance officer, on an anti-money laundering (AML) audit. Christina's expertise shone through in her thorough analysis of the firm's financial controls, transactions, and customer due diligence processes. Christina's work was instrumental in delivering a detailed and insightful audit report, highlighting areas of strength and offering practical recommendations for enhancing the firm's AML controls. Her professionalism and dedication to delivering a high-quality audit report make her a standout compliance professional."

Jeff Horvath, Founder



"I have had the opportunity to work with RayCor Consulting on two different projects that required creating compliance programs from scratch. Christina's knowledge of regulatory requirements and industry developments around banking and crypto allowed us to efficiently establish our compliance programs and related functions. She takes what are inherently complex topics and breaks them down in ways that are not only easier to understand but also allow us to build workflows to support, train and report without "reinventing the wheel". I would work with RayCor again, without question." 

Drew Foster, COO

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