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Advisory, Staff Augmentation, Training, Audits, Money Transmitter License Acquisition, Fractional C-Suite Services, and More

RayCor’s advisory division provides in-depth reviews and analyses to ensure that your company’s compliance programs are built to scale, comprehensive, and tailored to your company’s unique products and services.


We take a risk-based, business-driven approach to compliance that ensures long-term alignment between new, existing, and where applicable, proposed, laws and regulations, and your company’s successful growth.

AML/KYC/Sanctions/Consumer Protection

RayCor focuses on the regulatory intricacies of client onboarding, OFAC screenings, and PEP and negative media screenings, as well as identifying anomalous and/or suspicious tractions by creating a risk-based transaction monitoring program tailored to identify potential red flags your business is most susceptible to encountering. 


RayCor also provides in-person, virtual and written AML trainings to ensure your team is best equipped to identify AML issues your business may encounter. 

Compliance Program Development

The bedrock of any strong compliance department is having a risk-based program in place and taking your unique business into consideration.


RayCor’s seasoned legal compliance professionals understand the legal requirements necessary to implement an effective compliance program while simultaneously understanding the business’s top priorities and the synergies between all involved stakeholders in your company. 


Incorporating the essential pillars of an effective AML program and other compliance silos into your compliance program will protect your business from government-issued cease and desist orders, fines, or potential criminal action. 

Compliance Management Systems

RayCor works hand in hand with some of the industry’s leading fintech experts in compliance management system creation and will assist in creating the parameters necessary to implement effective case management systems that will be most effective and fiscally aligned with your business needs.

State Money Transmitter Licenses

Need help figuring out your MSB status? No problem! We will work with you to develop a licensing strategy that aligns with your current and future needs. We will help you navigate the license acquisition process and work to make operational challenges that arise during the application process are handled quickly and efficiently.

Regulatory Reporting

Although identifying potentially suspicious activity is paramount to any compliance program, identifying the proper reporting channels is equally important. RayCor will provide your business with detailed reporting instructions, including reporting templates, to enable your business to properly report all regulatory required information pertaining to the client, the transaction(s) and your business.

Business Meeting

Staff Augmentation

RayCor prides itself in recruiting, employing and staffing projects with subject matter experts that are carefully vetted to satisfy each client’s unique needs. We guarantee that our consultants have compliance experience and requisite training to ensure a seamless transition with your team.

In addition to staff augmentation services, we offer fractional CCO and BSA Officer services to early-stage companies that need part-time expertise.

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